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Yes, I know. When I said "a no body special," I wasn't just talking about previous publishing experience, but other factors that agents and publishers can use to increase the sales ability of a book. Things like being someone known to the public, having won awards, or having expertise in a field that relates to the story in the book. Those things, if you have them, certainly help.
They can help. But they're not obligatory.

Being well-known can help, but if you can't write it's not going to get your book published. Winning awards is good but only if the book-buying public know about the awards concerned. And having expertise in your field is really good if you're writing non-fiction. For fiction, it's just an interesting thing about you.

Honestly? It's about the book you've written. That trumps everything else.

A celebrity, for instance, could write drivel, and it would still sell.
That's not necessarily true, and is a bit disrespectful to the celebrity writers, don't you think? Let's try to be better than that.

I am not saying that a debut author can't make it. I know everyone had to start at the beginning once upon a time, but there are a lot of debut authors, and only so many are going to get published.
Debut authors are the ones who are being published for the first time, so your point isn't entirely watertight. Also, that debut status is huge in terms of promotional leverage. Agents and publishers love debut authors. It's a good thing for them.

I don't think that the ones who don't always fail because their book isn't good enough. Some really good books came from authors who had a hard time convincing a publisher to take a chance on them. Because a new author is a chance that publisher is taking. The book might do well, it might not. That author might write lots of other great books, they might not. That is what I am saying.
Publishers don't take chances on the whole. They know if a book is likely to sell well or not, they know how to market and promote the books they publish, and so on.