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Thread: March For Science, April 22

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElaineA View Post
    I'm in! I think the Seattle March is going to be big.

    If anyone is going to their city's march and wants to support the cause, several cities are selling shirts though Bonfire. (Search up "March For Science" and you'll get pages of shirts. Narrow down by city if you prefer.). Proceeds benefit the local march for the shirt you buy. I'll be wearing Seattle's Orca shirt, but I gotta say, Austin's Taco shirt was tempting.
    Let's Taco About Science

    Seattle has a dozen options. I'll have to think about which one I'd like to promote. I've spent a fair bit of time fighting the Discovery Institute's war on evolution science but the 'Lucy' design isn't a clear message. I like the volcano/earthquake design.
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