Hi Everyone!

I've been off the site so long I'm basically new again! I was on several years ago when I was writing short stories, then I decided to write a novel and the real world got in the way for while.

Anyway...I was a Writers of the Future winner in 2010 for my short story "Medic!" After that, I had a few more short stories published (all sci-fi), then decided I'd go all in with a novel. I've been working on it off and on for the last 2.5 years, but had a one year hiatus while I was in Afghanistan. I also pretty much fell off the face of the earth, social-media wise, while I was trying to finish it. I finally finished last Fall, and after a bunch of rejected queries, got representation just this week! So we'll see where this goes, its all new to me. But I'm very excited and eager to dig back into the online communities! Greetings to all!