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Thread: Grim Grime Groom

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    Grim Grime Groom

    The tundra of my writing desk so cluttered
    Yet barren, beneath the cables, pens, and dust and coins
    Wrinkled candy wrappers frozen in unlikely forms
    A jolly-colored empty coffee mug from yesterday
    An empty blue one from today, on one side crumbs and butter
    An empty feeling just above my loins

    There nests my self-doubt
    Sometimes it dozes
    But usually alert and sharp
    So full of vigor
    So full of vinegar
    You're full of crap! Your writing's crap!

    At times the room, the house, the street outside are Мe
    Extensions of my grin, functions of my breath and pulse
    But then in moments of reversed polarity
    When shields are failing and fizzled out torpedoes stray off course
    Even my limbs, my torso, and my head, are alien
    And not the sexy alien
    And yes my chest, my throat, my very thoughts
    Are layered grime
    For Daleks with determined plungers
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