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Thread: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal writers

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    Urban Fantasy/Paranormal writers

    I just thought I would start a thread for those of us who are writing urban fantasy/paranormal novels. The two seem closely related that's why I put both in the title. I'm working on a novel now that centers around a witch who lives in a fictional town in Vermont, although I never say Vermont in my book. I took a few days off my novel writing since it was starting to go in a direction I never intended, so I thought a mini break would be good. My kids are on march break so I will return to it on Monday with fresh eyes.

    Today I sketched my MC house. I love drawing. I was having problems with the angles and how to actually draw it, so I googled and found the general house I was looking for which really helped me to draw it. First I did free hand and then re-discovered that little thing called a ruler and wow... a few straight lines and bam my sketch looks a million times better. I find when I'm struggling with writing I need to still be creative so I turn to drawing.

    Ok so I hope to hook up with others in my genre. If not then this thread will eventually fall to the bottom over time.
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