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Thread: Lionel Shriver

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    practical experience, FTW autumnleaf's Avatar
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    Lionel Shriver

    I've read two books by Lionel Shriver, with very mixed results.

    I loved We Need to Talk About Kevin, an outstanding novel that left me thinking for days afterwards.

    I was underwhelmed by Big Brother, especially by the ending.

    Are her other novels worth reading? What are your favourites?
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    figuring it all out
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    Nov 2016
    We Need to Talk About Kevin blew me away. What a masterpiece! But I haven't read anything else (sorry). Could you say why you didn't like Big Brother without giving anything away?

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    Twitching ap123's Avatar
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    I enjoyed and appreciated Big Brother, thought Pandora was a truly rich character, and the brother (can't remember his name) almost a revamped Ignatious Reilly. I didn't love it as much as We Need to Talk About Kevin, but imo that is a truly extraordinary novel.

    I wasn't held by Post-Birthday World, but overall, I'm enough of a fan and admirer of Shriver that The Mandibles is on my tbr pile and I'm looking forward to it.
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    I loved Post Birthday World, and wish I'd had the idea to write a book that way myself.


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