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Thread: Celtic Tree Book Promotions

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    Aug 2014

    Celtic Tree Book Promotions

    Hey, has anyone heard of Celtic Tree Book Promotions?
    They contacted me, are expensive, and mainly work on Goodreads.
    Any info helpful. Thanks!

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    Grr. Argh. Thedrellum's Avatar
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    Well, I don't really much like their website (from the pale green background color to the three near identical banner ads for themselves running in sequence along the top to their claim that "2016 could be your year of literary success").

    Also, they claim a lot of wisdom and experience but provide no basis for any of that on the website. No bios. No names. No past clients. No testimonials. It's all very vague, and doesn't inspire confidence in me, especially not if their rates are, as you say, expensive.

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    Why is the text centered on their homepage (the only page that I could find)? Why not ragged right if they couldn't figure how to justify their text?


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