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Thread: Parvus Press seeks SF&F Novels: Up to $3,500 Advance.

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    Parvus Press seeks SF&F Novels: Up to $3,500 Advance.

    EDIT: As of 8/1/2017, we are closed for submissions. We will re-open for submissions in January of 2018. If the AW Staff would prefer I close this thread and re-open in a few months, let me know. Otherwise, leaving it here for history.

    (Opening with the tl;dr)
    Who: Parvus Press
    What: Seeking Science Fiction (70K+ words) and Fantasy (90K+ words) novels
    Pay: Advance up to $3,500. Royalties starting at 25% of publisher's receipts and scaling with sales
    Other highlights: Rights reversion clauses in contracts are author-friendly. We put real money behind marketing. We produce audiobooks. We geek out over compelling characters as much as you do.
    Distribution: Not yet. In short, distributors want a back list to sell and we haven't been around long enough to build a back list. That said, we were able to get our debut release, Vick's Vultures, into Barnes & Noble stores via their small press program. We can't guarantee you bookstore distribution, but it IS our goal and we'll work our tails off to see it happen.

    (The long version)

    Parvus Press is a growing publisher looking for the next generation of speculative fiction writers. We are seeking fantasy & science fiction novels of 70,000 (SF) or 90,000 (Fantasy) words or more. We pay advances of up to $3,500 and our royalty schedule starts at 25% of publisher's gross receipts and scales up from there with sales volume (We don't deduct any costs before we pay your royalty). Submission guidelines can be found at

    Why should you give us a shot at being your publisher? We have one novel released (VICK'S VULTURES by Scott Warren, released 10/2016) that is performing very well with over 4,500 copies sold. We have another novel (COURT OF TWILIGHT by debut author Mareth Griffith) scheduled for release this summer and an as-yet-unannounced fall release on deck (spoilers!). We are well-funded and are not a fly-by-night operation, a vanity press, or a fire-and-forget publisher just trying to scoop up as many manuscripts as we can.

    We're founded by two guys with sales & marketing backgrounds who have been friends for too long and read all the books. Our third owner is a professional editor with decades of experience who is damn good at his job. We are dedicated to building a top-tier press from the ground up and we need some great writers who are willing to take the journey with us.

    We're looking to acquire one novel in the next few months to finish out our 2018 publication schedule and six titles for our 2019 publishing schedule. We are most interested in novels that fit comfortably in the genre core but have a new take on a trope, bring a new element to the storytelling, or in some other way innovate the storytelling process while remaining familiar to readers. Think Rothfuss' use of first person narrative and the unreliable narrator, Jemisin's use of the 2nd person and multiple time periods, Erikson's "toss the reader in and surround them with so much interesting confusion that they're compelled to figure it out on their own", Ken Liu's everything, Curtis Chen's amazing blending of the action/spy thriller with SF (Read Waypoint Kangaroo if you haven't already).... etc.

    We aren't looking for books that reinvent everything or are incredibly experimental (No novels in verse, for example), but novels that innovate in some way. If you can honestly say that nobody but you could possibly have written the novel you've put together, we want to read it.

    Questions? Please feel free to engage below, email me directly ( or say hi on Twitter (@cwcoyle and @ParvusPress). Still more questions? I'll be at the Nebula weekend in Pittsburgh this year. Feel free to accost me and say hello.

    Thanks for your time, AW!

    - Colin
    Last edited by ParvusColin; 08-08-2017 at 12:52 AM. Reason: Updated to reflect submission pause

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