Lordy, lordy - it's March already! Let's list our goals for the month and get ready to encourage and cheer our fellow writers!

AND REMEMBER - the April Camp NaNo is next month! Time to start deciding if you'll participate, and if so, what your project will be. Camp Nano is a lot more loosey-goosey than regular NaNoWriMo (I actually prefer it to NaNo), and there's the added fun of being in a Camp Cabin if you so choose. Usually we have at least one or two AW cabins, so keep an eye on this subforum for more news about that.

I'm not giving myself too many goals this month - my show goes into previews next week, which means I have a month's worth of shows at night and rehearsals during the day, so time will be at a premium. Some of my goals are holdovers from February. I'm not sure at this point if I'll be in a position to participate in Camp, but if I do, I expect it'll have something to do with Goal #5.

1. Write Sekrit Solstice short story -
2/3 finished
2. Do final draft of Book #3 in series, incorporating beta input
3. Read three books

4. Review galleys of Book #1 - 1/2 finished
5. Start second draft of Book #4 in series

So what are your goals? And do you think you'll participate in the April Camp?