A thread was started the other day where the question was asked on what classic literature would make for good reading material. Several suggestions came up, as well as the suggestion of possibly creating a Classics Book Club. Toward that end, I have the distinct honor of making the entry for the (insert drumroll here):
Classics Book of the Quarter Club

Since it's already toward the end of February, we have basically a month left for the first entry, and this post will be updated quarterly with the next reading material for discussion. Feel free to add your own progress, thoughts, and musings for the latest book in the reading list. When possible, links to Goodreads, Amazon, and others as may come up for inclusion will be provided for easier accessibility. For now, there is no tangential admin thread, but in the event there is a need to discuss administrative elements, that may come to fruition too. For now, let's get started!!!

Your reading assignment is:

Q1 2017: The Time Machine, by HG Wells: Amazon | Goodreads