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According to some craft book I read, character is decisions. So character is action. Starting with action is fine, but don't equate this with battle scene. A battle scene is fine, as long as it's not smite, smite, dodge, smite, oh no giant orc! Put some decisions that reveal character in there, and you can start with it.
Thanks, morngnstar, that's a really good point. The current action beginning is a car chase, but there are definitely choices in there since the MC is driving off with a trafficked kid, and her pimp's goons are chasing him.

I've been toying with an alternative opening, which would put the current action opening at scene two. The other possible opening starts with the MC performing at a club and involves him and the romantic interest (bandmate) and their difficulties and such. I'll see how feedback on it goes. Right now indecision and the current work on possible alternative openings is holding me back from my next step, which is betas for a partial, but maybe that's a good thing for whatever reason.