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Thread: Producer Wants Synopsis, But I Already Gave It to Him

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    Producer Wants Synopsis, But I Already Gave It to Him

    Hey, how would you handle this? I sent an email query to a producer, and OMG he actually replied, stating he wants to see the synopsis. But, I included a synopsis in my email to him. Hmm. Should I assume he didn't read past the subject line of the email, or maybe the logline? (Email: Hi, wanna read my script; logline; synopsis; briefest of bios; thanks.) Or, does this mean he wants a longer synopsis? Or does this mean he's an idiot? (He has actual credits.)

    Any advice how to handle. I'm afraid to say, "Well, I sent you a synopsis before, but here it is again."

    Also, considering what a black hole emailing a query for a screenplay is, I gotta say it's cool to at least get a reply that doesn't say, "We reject anything unsolicited, even a crappy logline!"

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