PitchWars Hopefuls:

We all know that this competition is insanely competitive, and that sometimes a manuscript might not get selected because it’s just one of several that really wowed a mentor. Sometimes a manuscript doesn’t get selected even though it’s totally deserving of getting selected. See this Tweet in which a mentor discusses (before the submission window is closed) how they already have three MSs that they’d love to mentor.

We got our manuscripts ready, we polished them to (subjective) perfection, we wrote our queries and synopses, and we entered PitchWars. Good for us. We go, Glen Coco!

Now, we might not find a mentor. So, what the heck are we supposed to do if we’re not on that shiny winning Pitch Mentee list? I suggest we persevere together. Let’s set a deadline and encourage each other to stick to it.

I’m going to be getting my current MS whipped into shape to start querying in 2018. I’m going to work with critique partners and betas (if you’re interested, PM me!) to get this thing into the best shape it can be in, and then I’m setting it free.

If you want to join me, please do. Let’s keep each other on track.

We can be each other’s mentors.