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Thread: Cookie-cutter query letter

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    Cookie-cutter query letter

    I'm still a long way from starting a new round of queries, but this is something that baffles me.

    Why is the acceptable query letter for agents seemingly so bland and similar? (one could say cookie-cutter?)

    When I wrote my first query draft, the emphasis was on the book's theme (e.g. trust), its style (e.g. positive/fun scifi) and why I wrote it. I had one or two paragraphs for the overall story. However, it was quickly shot down in QLH and by any other person in the business that helped me. My latest version doesn't mention its theme at all, although it may be implied from the story. Nothing in there tells the reader it's 'fun' scifi instead of grim scifi (like the Redrising trilogy - which is awesome, by the way, nothing against this theme).

    And the reason people write a novel may be relevant even for fiction books. For example, let's say someone writes a scifi book called "Exodus in Space". At first glance, it's just a regular scifi book, but if we learn the author is a Syrian refugee and that he wrote based on his experiences while fleeing, suddenly the idea of the book becomes more interesting.

    Perhaps agents look at the first x pages to figure this out, but this is just a guess.

    Note: I prefer my latest query letter - it's way better than my first drafts. I wish I could add some soul to it, though
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