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Thread: Flawed

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    figuring it all out WondersWithin's Avatar
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    At first, we hear what we want to hear
    Smooth as the silvered tongues speak
    We see the good we believe is in others
    Imagining all that we want them to be

    Eventually this dismissive veil is lifted
    We are left to see the human beneath
    Leaving us confused and conflicted
    How could this be the same person I see

    It reflects not those who deceive
    Rather the good-hearted person
    The ones who fought to believe
    To accept even with such flaws

    Something wonderful could be found
    If one dared to give a second chance
    With a gift of forgiveness so profound
    For some this truly is their saving grace

    Mistakes are not to be punished eternally
    Tho not all the flawed can be redeemed
    To know that some dare to love so greatly
    Leaves hope for those desiring to change

    Just looking for thoughts, advice, things you like or dislike of this rough draft free verse poem. Thank you for taking the time to read it. -WW

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    Thanks! Might be best to contact a mod and move this to the Critique Forum (password protected and just the spot for feedback of the sort you seek, and also maybe some freaky freaky feedback blues type of comments and such).
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