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Thread: FebNoWriMo - Spring Violets Under the Snow

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    fish skeleton Tamlyn's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
    So February was not a great month for me. Even though I technically did my minimums each day, I failed far too many of my goals. I've had internet problems and been quite busy this last week or so, but there was still the rest of the month.

    Mostly I blame Stardew Valley.

    I count the Solstice story as a win because I would have called it finished if we hadn't been given an extension. As it is, I'll take the time to do another polish. Chapters edits... bad. I did start on the third so I'm kind of halfway through, but yeah, could have done so much better.

    At least I did a bunch of words on what might be my next novel wip.

    1. Complete Solstice Swap story. Mostly.
    2. Continue game creation. Little bit.
    3. Edit five chapters. 2/5
    4. Read five books. 3/5
    5. Min 500 words or 2 pages edited per day. Yep.
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    Write. Write. Writey Write Write. mrsmig's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
    Ya know, overall I'm pretty proud of myself. This was a difficult month (what with the NYC move and starting rehearsals for my show), and yet I got most of my goals accomplished. Like Tamlyn, I would have finished my SS short story on time (probably would have had to put in some late hours to do it, but I would have pushed through), but since the deadline's been extended, I was able to ease off. And I'm halfway through my galleys for Book #1, with a deadline of mid-March, so I'm in good shape for that.

    So - against all odds - I'm calling February a win. Off to start the March thread!

    1. Write Sekrit Solstice short story - 2/3 finished
    2. Finish editor's 2nd/final pass on Book #2 in fantasy series -
    3. Do social media blast for Feb. 22nd cover reveal for Book #1
    4. Figure out birthday gift for my mom -
    5. Figure out birthday gift for my husband -
    6. Do final draft of Book #3 in series, incorporating beta input
    7. Read three books - 3
    of 3 DONE
    8. Review galleys of Book #1 - 1/2 finished

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    practical experience, FTW
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    Oct 2013
    Failed miserably on the 2,000 a day, but I did get one of the synopsis done, so I'm happy about that.

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