Oh! Hello, February, you shortest month of the year! Still, it's plenty of time for us AWers to make some goals and get ready to meet them, and cheer on your fellow writers (NaNo or not) as they close in on their own.

As usual, I'll get us started. I have a tough month ahead - rehearsals continue for my show, and I'll be scrambling to keep up (I'm understudying one of the leads as well as covering three ensemble tracks). I also have two birthdays to deal with: my mom turns 96 on 2/8, and my husband's birthday is 2/14, and we'll be apart, which is just sad. I'm going to see if I can get him to come up for a visit for the President's day weekend, for a belated celebration. Lots of other stuff starting to happen with my upcoming book release in August, so I have to stay abreast of all that, too. Aiiiieeeeeee...

1. Write Sekrit Solstice short story
2. Finish editor's 2nd/final pass on Book #2 in fantasy series
3. Do social media blast for Feb. 22nd cover reveal for Book #1
4. Figure out birthday gift for my mom
5. Figure out birthday gift for my husband
6. Do final draft of Book #3 in series, incorporating beta input
7. Read three books