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Thread: [Publisher] Duncurra, LLC

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    [Publisher] Duncurra, LLC

    Any one have experince with these guys? One of my friends is thinking about them and I'm like hmmmm. I couldn't find a thread for them, please merge if there's already one.

    Here's the website:
    Night Blooming: On sub
    Subject Entity YA Science Fiction: With the agent!

    Rise of the Dragons YA Fantasy: Rewriting
    Bottled: Half-written, on hold
    Find me on my
    Website and Twitter

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    Well, their website is ugly and not totally useful (see the Submissions page that has part of the necessary info cut off). They are really proud of their YouTube presence and subscriber list, though they only have 680 subscribers (and the video they link to has only been seen 147 times). The covers seem okay (some pretty good and some more typical fare for e-publishing), though their Books page has all the image links broken for me, for some reason (maybe because I'm using Waterfox?). All that said, the few books I looked up on Amazon seem to be selling decently well.


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