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Thread: Book Excellence Awards

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    Book Excellence Awards

    I did a search, but couldn't find anything here that addressed the Book Excellence Awards directly. I'm always leery about contests that require a fee, and this one comes in at a rather steep $99 for one category; you'll pay less per category if you put your novel into multiple slots. Everyone should be able to find some category for their book since there are 50 or more of the things.

    Their testimonials are intriguing, with one author calling BEA "one of Canada's premier writing competitions", but I'd never heard of it until recently. Perhaps because I'm not Canadian? I've read one "award-winning" BEA self-published novel that failed to impress me at all, but that doesn't mean anything. I gave up on Moby Dick before I reached page 100.

    Are these awards worth anything other than emotional satisfaction, or are they a money grab? If someone here has won a BEA, did it help your career in a real cash-in-the-bank fashion?

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    They're a money grab. Plain and simple.
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    The fee itself isn't automatically suspect. Many literary awards have an entrance fee, even some of the big boys. However, there are other red flags. The focus is far too broad. Most legit literary awards focus on a single genre or style, this one has like 100 categories. (I may have exaggerated slightly) Another red flag for me is that this is only the competition's second year running. It also is not sponsored by any specific group, such as a publisher or writing organization. It's owned by it's own company. Certainly one could enter, and one might win, but what good is an award no one has ever heard of? There is also no cash prize, so it's clear that the entrance fees are going into the company's pocket. Prizes are an array of questionable crap such as marketing guides and being listed on the contest's website. Ooooh, and there's an official certificate! This one does not look legit to me.
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