It is a tough question, determining if cyberpunk is still relevant. But, I think it has evolved into something a little more than its early imagination of what the internet would like and how everyone would be connected. Now, it has moved to questions of AI and body augmentation. I think you could look at Ex Machina as an updated Cyberpunk-like story. The movie deals with what AI is and how far we can go with it. It's not set in a future Tokyo type of big city, with everyone Jacking in. Yet, I'm guess that you finished Count Zero and hopefully moved on to Mona Lisa Overdrive, you'll see that Gibson moves toward AI as well. Then you have Broken Angels by Richard K. Morgan. His series of books have people being able to switch bodies by downloading their conscience and plugging it into a new body. It's a new update to Cyberpunk, because it moves beyond the Internet and now focuses on how the body isn't as important as your mind. It does follow the detective type of story that Gibson used, it just moves it beyond console jockeys.

Cyberpunk just needs to move along our timeline and then past it to see what is coming next.