So I recently read 'Neuromancer' by William Gibson and I'm in the process of reading 'Count Zero' by the same author. I find it difficult to describe these books. To me, they're like science fiction but with a strong emphasis on a kind of pre-internet internet. Other than that, I've read Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson in the past, which I know I have to re-read because the only thing I remember from the book is the guy walking in the matrix thing as a gigantic penis.

I found Gibson's writing to be very difficult to understand, but I still finished it and enjoyed it. However, if you asked me to write a book report about it, I wouldn't have much to say in terms of his use of language or related matters. He seems to use a slang of his own invention which threw me off a lot. Also, he doesn't seem to describe anything at all. Neuromancer especially is a book I know I need to re-read.

I've read that Gibson invented the term 'Cyberspace' and was hugely influential on tech types etc. but since these books were published, technology has advanced a lot further. Is cyberpunk still relevant?