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Thread: Is there diversity of thought within the creative community?

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    Is there diversity of thought within the creative community?

    I've heard a lot of calls for diversity lately. I've never seen so big a push toward 'diverse books', and agree that representation through literature is a great thing. But is the diversity we're calling for skin-deep? True diversity calls for different viewpoints, which means different backgrounds, different political views, different religious beliefs. That includes both liberal and conservative points of view. But I've noticed the creative community is unbalanced, including plenty of liberal views, but hardly any conservative. So, does that mean there just aren't that many conservative creatives or is the creative community not an environment that welcomes diversity of thought?

    If it's the latter, why? and how can we change it?

    [EDIT] To make discussion easier, I'll limit the terms to 'liberal or conservative voting patterns' and limit the 'creative community' to this forum, which includes writers as well as artists and hobbyists of all kinds of talents. With those terms changed, let's adapt the question too. Is it important to have an environment that fosters discussion of both views?
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