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Thread: JanNoWriMo 2017 - A Fresh Start

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    JanNoWriMo 2017 - A Fresh Start

    Here we are at the start of not just a new month, but a new year! For those who've participated in these monthly NaNo threads in the past, welcome back! To members who may have just discovered this thread, here is a place to state your goals (writing and otherwise) for the month, track your progress and get/give encouragement. I'll get us started.

    January 2017 is going to be unsettled for me - I'm relocating temporarily to NYC for work, and most of the month will be spent trying to find some order in what's bound to be a disorderly time. I'm headed up to Manhattan tomorrow to look at a sublet which sounds ideal. If it is, I won't be under quite as much pressure and can get other things done before my move.

    Mid-December my editor sent me her first pass on Book #2 in my series to look over, so along with securing a place to live in NYC, that's my primary goal. Additional goals will get tackled as time allows.

    1. Find a place to live in NYC
    2. Finish going over editor's 1st pass on Book #2 in fantasy series - currently on Chapter 11
    3. Do final draft of Book #3 in series, incorporating beta input from December - currently on Chapter 1
    4. Begin editing/revising rough draft of Book #4 - currently on Chapter 1
    5. Read three books
    6. Walk at least three miles a week
    7. Take at least one good long nature walk before heading to NYC
    8. Decide on my goals/books for the AW 2017 Reading Challenge
    9. Work on my short story for the AW Sekrit Solstice Swap

    Whew - I think that's enough. What are your goals for the first month of 2017?
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