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Thread: The 2017 AW Reading Challenge! A "Pick 12" Choose Your Own Adventure

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    Great ideas!

    I'd like to be doing a lot more reading than lately so maybe this will hold me to account. (Reserving the right to change every selection )

    1. Coming to a theater near you: A book made into a major motion picture. Coraline - Neil Gaiman ETA My Brilliant Career - Miles Franklin I've been poking through my bookcase, found a copy of this and realised I've never read it nor seen the movie. (Plus there ain't enough gals on my list!) Sat down and read the preface and now I want to read it right away, then see the movie. But I'll finish Watchman first. (Still aiming to read Coraline one day.)
    2. East meets West: A book taking place in Asia (anywhere in Asia; Turkey to Japan, Siberia to Indonesia) Seasonal Adjustments - Adib Khan
    3. No hablo: A translation. The Brothers Karamazov - Fyodor Dostoyevsky hmm, this might be above me, we'll see how it goes
    4. My hometown: A book by a local author. Barracuda - Christos Tsiolkas
    5. Bits and pieces: An anthology (poetry, short stories, whatever). Interior Darkness - Peter Straub
    6. What your great-grandparents read: A book written more than 100 years before you were born. Nicholas Nickleby - Charles Dickens
    7. You really shouldn’t have: A book bought for you as a gift. Mistress Of The Monarchy - Alison Weir
    8. Loose ends: A book you started last year and haven’t yet finished. Go Set A Watchman - Harper Lee I was saddened/amused/delighted/bothered during this read, so it resonated. More to it than I'd expected, glad I read it.
    9. No Cliff Notes this time: A book that's required reading in most high schools but that you never read (even if it was assigned) Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy
    10. Where is that, again?: A book about a place you know little about.The Hitman's Guide To Housecleaning- Hallgrimur Helgason
    11. Steady there, cowboy: A western. Riders Of The Purple Sage - Zane Grey
    12. Out of the park on first at bat: A debut. Lilian's Story - Kate Grenville
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