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Thread: The 2017 AW Reading Challenge! A "Pick 12" Choose Your Own Adventure

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    Ideas bounce around in my head Jason's Avatar
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    Oct 2016
    Denver, CO
    Totally onboard for this (was already planning a goal something like this in the tail end of 2016). Not sorted those from my list here:

    but will pick 12 out (and possibly add a few, some of these criteria/topics weren't met in my other one)

    Right now I am hip deep in the middle of Frankenstein by Shelley. Nearly abandoned it 20% in, but had nothing else to do on a plane home from the holidays, so powered on and it finally got good. Lots of painful reading through long sentences and horrible construction by todays standards. Some great moments and "quoteable quotes" thus far, but very heady reading. Not sure why it's a "classic" thus far. Is it because of the common obtuse references to things like beauty, knowledge, life and death, etc.? Remains to be seen, but I am gonna persevere! LOL
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    2017 Goals

    Read 50 of these books (though at this point, prolly not gonna happen)
    Come up with a good book idea and actually write it! (also not likely to happen)



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