I've just finished Earth Dance by Oka Rusmini and am half-way through both Soul of an Octopus (Sy Montgomery) and Golden Hill (Francis Spufford).

I thought it was time that I read some novels from Indonesia, one of our closest neighbours. Unfortunately, there are relatively few with English translations, but I bought every one I could find. Earth Dance is a short but intricate story about Balinese society and the gaining and abandoning of status within it through four generations of women. Balinese culture is so complex and nuanced that I don't think I can do this book justice in a brief description. It's given me a lot to think about -- not only in the subject matter and the glimpses into society, but also the structure of the story (multiple foci, shifting back and forth in time, vignettes). I'm looking forward to the next Indonesian book on the list, This Earth of Mankind, which is quite a different kind of novel.