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Thread: The 2017 AW Reading Challenge! A "Pick 12" Choose Your Own Adventure

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    The 2017 AW Reading Challenge! A "Pick 12" Choose Your Own Adventure

    Happy 2017, everyone! It's a brand new year and time for the next AW Reading Challenge. Note the word "challenge": get reading some stuff you wouldn't normally.

    Pick 12 of the categories listed below, and choose books to fit those topics. Thank you to everyone (AW and off line) who contributed ideas.

    Throughout the year, update us on your progress, and let's get some good discussion going on what we've read. It's never too late to join

    ETA: PLEASE READ THE STICKIES ABOUT SPOILERS!!! You can hide them is you'd like, but for anyone reading be aware you will see a few here.

    Get those paging fingers ready and settle in to your favorite chair (or beach blanket, or hammock, or table at the coffee shop) and away we go!

    1. Coming to a theater near you: A book made into a major motion picture.
    2. East meets West: A book taking place in Asia (anywhere in Asia; Turkey to Japan, Siberia to Indonesia)
    3. What your parents read: Any book on the Publisher’s Weekly Best Sellers for the year you were born (
    4. No hablo: A translation.
    5. I remember that!: A book about a historical event that took place in your lifetime.
    6. My hometown: A book by a local author.
    7. Rainbow warrior: A book with a color in the title.
    8. Bits and pieces: An anthology (poetry, short stories, whatever).
    9. Namesakes: A book by an author who shares your first or last name (maiden name counts, if applicable).
    10. Out of this world: A book taking place in space or on another planet.
    11. Still time for more chapters: A memoir/biography by/about someone who’s still alive (at least as of January 1).
    12. Tuesdays with Balaam’s Ass: A book with a non-human (animal or fantastic creature) main character.
    13. What your great-grandparents read: A book written more than 100 years before you were born.
    14. Enter stage right: A play.
    15. Fired from the canon: A work of fanfic.
    16. Counting your chickens: A book with a number in the title.
    17. Chances are: Go to Generate a random number between 1 and 100. Go to and select the book corresponding to your random number from either the Board’s List or the Reader’s List. Select another random number if the ones generated aren’t to your liking.
    18. You really shouldn’t have: A book bought for you as a gift.
    19. What you read: A book you loved as a child.
    20. They’ve been watching us: A book about your country by someone from another country.
    21. Loose ends: A book you started last year and haven’t yet finished.
    22. I’ve met them!: A book by someone you have seen in person (either know, seen at a book fair, speaking engagement, in line at the ATM, whatever).
    23. Anyone remember photonovels?: A book based on a movie, not the other way around.
    24. Crossing the (color) lines: A book about a PoC, any variety, written by an author of the same variety.
    25. No Cliff Notes this time: A book that's required reading in most high schools but that you never read (even if it was assigned).
    26. Be the change you want to see: A nonfiction book about a sociopolitical issue.
    27. Earth, Wind, & Fire: A book related to the Earth sciences (geography, oceanography, etc.)
    28. Step by step: A how-to book.
    29. Where is that, again?: A book about a place you know little about.
    30. Who was that, again?: A book about a person you know little about.
    31. What you will read to your grandchildren: A children's book (middle grade or lower).
    32. Steady there, cowboy: A western.
    33. Ripped from the headlines: A true crime book.
    34. Wow. Nice: A book with a one-word title.
    35. Lol random: Go to, click “Book Search Page,” click “Random” and pick any one of the books that show up.
    36. Holy moly some authors like to use lots of words: A book whose title is more than six words long.
    37. Halcyon days: A book you read at age 21 (estimate if you have to, choose age 12 if you aren’t yet 21 ).
    38. How we got to where we are: A book about the politics of your country (history or current events, but published in the last 5 years).
    39. Revenge of the nerds: Read about STEM (fiction or nonfiction).
    40. He did drone on a bit: A book more than 600 pages.
    41. What the Greatest Generation to Post-Millennials read: A book published since 1942.
    42. Feast your ears on this: Listen to an audiobook.
    43. Out of the park on first at bat: A debut.
    44. It’s all about me: A book where the main character shares your first or last name.
    45. You might also like. . . : A book recommended by library or bookstore staff, online or in person.
    46. Support the home team: A book by a fellow AWer (Click on the “AW Amazon Store” link above).
    47. Huh, I never knew that: A book in a new-to-you genre.
    48. Three-color mythology: A graphic novel or comic book.
    49. What everyone else was reading: Any book from any year on the New York Times Best Seller List (
    50. Be your own boss: A self-published novel.
    51. Better known for . . .: A book by someone who’s more famous for doing something else.
    52. God’s mansion has many rooms: A book based in a religion not your own.
    53. Ye olde booke shoppe: A book written before 1700.
    54. Gramma would have loved this: A book you think a passed-on loved one would have enjoyed.
    Last edited by Chris P; 01-16-2017 at 05:58 PM.
    Now that we're back: The 2020 Reading Challenge has begun. Click for more information and to join in the fun.

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