Well, a first for me in my yard today. It's one of those days where it seems every bird in the vicinity is here having a bath, and when the crowd died down, a bird I had never seen before perched above the bath. I could not figure out what it was at all, but it turns out to have been a Red-winged Blackbird, only not showing the red wing. They are very common around the retention pond near my neighborhood, which has been restored to more native flora to encourage wildlife, and I see them regularly there, but this one came rather far afield. Unfortunately it flew off before I could raise my phone to snap a picture.

One photographer mentioned the gold bar and duller black (more like a very deep gray to my eye) rather than the glossy black/red shoulder was "winter plumage" but I don't know how accurate that is. Anyway, considering how much time I work in front of this window, it's exciting to have new sightings. I had a downy woodpecker here a few weeks ago, too, another first.