Bernard Cornwell--for those of you who are unfamiliar--is a writer of primarily historical fiction. All of his novels are well researched and usually include historical notes at the end of the novel explaining the facts behind the fiction. Ever since I was a young one, I've been a fan of his. I picked up the Winter King at the library one year and have been hooked on his novels ever since. He is most famous for the Sharpe Novel series, who I liken to James Bond of the Napoleonic Wars, but all of his novels are worth a read, in my opinion.

I wrote him an email a long time ago complimenting him on the Warlord Chronicles and asking for writing advice. He was kind enough to email me back and was extremely patient with his directing me to links to his website where he explained some of his tips (oops).

Incidentally, his novels have also been made into television series such as Sharpe (featuring a young Sean Bean) and the Last Kingdom which is relatively new.

I'm currently in the middle of the Saxon Chronicles (I'm reading the Pale Horseman) so I would like to ask anyone commenting to please use spoiler alerts when discussing that particular series Thanks in advance.