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I kinda wish Ms. Clinton would stop asserting things like Putin had it in for her personally, or that the hacking caused her to lose.

I think it certainly had an effect, and that and the FBI actions towards the end of the election, certainly made a difference, and might perhaps have tipped the election, but she had already missed the boat entirely for large numbers of white rural voters.
This was a close election in those swing states, and I think a logical case can be made for a whole bunch of different scenarios as to why Hillary Clinton lost.

But I really don't buy the idea that if she only concentrated more on Wisconsin or Michigan, if she'd only reached out more to rural white voters, she would have won the election.

Hillary Clinton was not well liked. The narrative had sunk in deeply that she was corrupt, untrustworthy, power-hungry, and an inveterate liar. All of which, I believe is totally untrue, but decades of a right wing attacks made this perception an article of faith.

Just think of how many posters here on AW, posters did not like Trump, defined the election as between the worst two candidates ever, equating Hillary Clinton with Donald Trump in terms of unworthiness. We had many arguments about voting for third-party candidates, a position taken by many who stated they would never vote for Hillary under any circumstances.

What good would it have done for Hillary to reach out to the rural white community? Even those who might have been receptive to her message considered her a liar and refused to believe anything she said.

Couple that with the successful Trump strategy of characterizing the press as totally biased, liars, scum of the earth, etc. You shouldn't believe a single word they said. All mainstream reporting about the idiocy and total fabrications by Trump was dismissed as lies. All reporting of Hillary Clinton's "scandals" on right wing sites was accepted as absolute truth -- no amount of factual reporting made any difference whatsoever.

Donald Trump told rural white America "you've been screwed, but I will make you great again." Those people didn't want to hear what Hillary Clinton had to say; they didn't believe her and couldn't care less about her policies or plans.

Throw in a healthy dose of xenaphobia and racism, stir in the Russians and the FBI as a little seasoning, add in the Bernie supporters who did not come out to vote because they believed she had stolen the nomination, and there was no way Hillary was going to win these voters.

Perhaps if she'd had some of the Bill's charisma and could have told them "I feel your pain" and made them believe it, things would have been different. But that's not who she is, and not something she could have done however much she would have liked to.

Hillary crushed Donald Trump in the debates. Nobody cared.

I'm sorry, but I don't accept the idea that Hillary Clinton ran a terrible campaign and that it was all her fault that people turned away from her and allowed a sociopathic narcissist to gain the presidency. Let's put the blame squarely where it belongs on the voters.