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Thread: Testimonials seem to be a bad sign!

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    Now departed. Rest in peace, Scott, from all of us at AW Requiescat In Pace Popeyesays's Avatar
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    Testimonials seem to be a bad sign!

    Going through the web sites of these sleazeball agents you uncover, one thing seems to be consistent. They offer no information on what books they hve sold, and they offer reams of testimonials from their so-satisfied authors - none of whom seem to have a recognizable name.

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    practical experience, FTW Tilly's Avatar
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    I don't remember seeing testimonials on the sites of successful agents.(ie. actually sell books to commercial publishers). They will often have profiles of their authors, but that's very different.

    As far as I'm aware, that type of testimonial is an advertising/sales tactic. The last thing a successful agent would need to do is advertise themselves to writers in that way. A scammy or clueless agent might, though.
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    Empirical Storm Trooper MadScientistMatt's Avatar
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    Very true. I recall one time somebody asked about a particular agent here, and got the reply that she was Orson Scott Card's agent. Does she really need any comments on how satisifed Orson Scott Card is?

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    Heathen Horde Elder Liam Jackson's Avatar
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    I can't tell much from "love me blurbs" on a website. Some are legit while others are obviosuly smoke screens.

    I do, however, look for client bios, recent sales, etc... If I can't find evidence of sales that can be verified by a quick call to B&N, there's a rotten herring in Norway.

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    Mostly Harmless SuperModerator CaoPaux's Avatar
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    Tossing these in since they can't be repeated often enough (IMHO), and are relevant to recognizing bad/useless agents and publishers:

    A Brief Note on Linguistic Markers:

    More Linguistic Markers:

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