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Thread: Suggest a topic for the 2017 Reading Challenge!

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    Suggest a topic for the 2017 Reading Challenge!

    It's December, which means 2017 is just around the corner. During 2016 several of us participated in a reading challenge, taking on 12 books, one from each of a list of topics. I'm game for next year! Who's in?

    Post your topic ideas (a survey would have been too complicated). I'll post the official 12 topics on January 1.

    Several of you suggested topics last year, and the following list might get us talking. Speak up for your favorite topic, and feel free to voice a resounding NO! on a topic if you think it's a stinker.

    • A memoir/biography by/about someone who's still alive (at least as of January 1)
    • A graphic novel
    • A book made into a major motion picture
    • A book you loved as a child
    • A book taking place in Asia (anywhere in Asia; Turkey to Japan, Siberia to Indonesia)
    • Non-fiction on a topic you care about
    • A book originally written in another language (i.e., a translation)
    • An anthology (poetry, short stories,whatever)
    • A book with a number in the title
    • A play
    • A book with a non-human (animal or fantastic creature) main character
    • A book written more than 100 years before you were born

    Add to the list, lovely people! Suggesting a topic doesn't commit you to the challenge.
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    Join any time! The 2018 Reading Challenge is going on all year. Make this your best reading year ever!

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