Jebus - wasn't it September about five minutes ago?

Here we are in the last month of 2016, a year that's been...well, interesting. For those that NaNo'd last month, winner or not: congratulations! Now let's make those writing (and other) goals for December and help cheer our fellow thread-dwellers toward a Happy New Year!

I'll get us started with my goals, which aren't much changed from last month:

Start first editing pass on Book #4 in my fantasy series - currently on Chapter 1
Go over beta notes on Book #3 (as they come in) - still waiting for the bulk of comments to come in; have nudged betas to step on it
Finish the three books I started last month - 0 of 3
Finish David McCullough's The Path Between the Seas - currently on Page 451
Continue with holiday baking