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Thread: Why do you NaNo?

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    figuring it all out technoglobe's Avatar
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    Feb 2016

    Why do you NaNo?

    Why do you commit to this crazy journey that is NaNo?

    For me, I've been doing it for about three years because of the accountability. I know this isn't true for a lot of people, but I work best on a deadline. I was also lucky enough to be put in a great camp NaNo cabin that turned into a year-round writing group for two years now. I love the community its given me, especially since I don't have writers I live around to kick me into gear when I need it.
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    All about that action, boss. ElaineA's Avatar
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    Jan 2013
    The Seattle suburbs
    I do it because it's a valid excuse to tell my family to leave me the f*** alone so I can accomplish something. They don't--quite--, but it's better than non-NaNo time.

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    practical experience, FTW Mary Love's Avatar
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    Oct 2015
    Same. Motivation. The week since I've finished has been so much tougher--I'm so distracted and have little motivation. Waah.

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    Back on Track Carrie in PA's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
    in my own little world
    I like the challenge.

    I like that I *must* move WRITING to the forefront of my life.

    I like the community interaction with NaNo, especially the in-person write ins. (It sucks that they're all an hour away from me, but they're worth the effort and gas money.)

    I like that it gives me a concrete writing goal.

    I like that it gives me the OK to abandon whatever project I'm sick of and work on a whole new shiny. (Then I get sick of it and Dec 1 go back to the other project. It's good for my ADD. LOL)

    I like that I have (almost) a whole brand new book to work with at the end of 30 days.

    I like that my non-writer friends are super impressed by the idea of writing a book in a month. (Except my one lovely friend who thought that since it only takes a few hours to read a book, it surely doesn't take much longer than that to write a book...)

    I like that it's near-instant gratification, seeing the word count rising at a rapid pace.

    I like the badges.

    And t-shirts. I love t-shirts. I once did a 5K solely for the t-shirt. And I *love* the collegiate sweatshirt. I love that there's a special Winner t-shirt. That means I pre-order it and then I MUST finish, because I couldn't wear a winner t-shirt without winning. It would just feel wrong.
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    Making Einstein cry since 1994 Maggie Maxwell's Avatar
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    Jun 2013
    In my head
    I like having a little bar graph that holds me accountable as well as a few dozen people able to see if I'm not making that bar graph go up. I work best with a not-set-by-me deadline, but since no one is yet hiring me to write for them, I have to depend on NaNo to keep me going.
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    Ferret Herder JulianneQJohnson's Avatar
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    Jan 2013
    I needed a kick in the pants. I have this wonderful opportunity to have more time for writing, and I was not taking advantage. After a month of Nano, I'm in the habit of daily kicking the words butt, and I hope to continue with it.


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