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Thread: Goals for an Aspiring Writer: "Required Reading"

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    Goals for an Aspiring Writer: "Required Reading"

    There's an axiom that says the more you read, the better you write (or something like that LOL). So, in the interests of that idea, as an aspiring writer, I am purchasing a Kindle with some Christmas money, and have set myself a goal of reading at least 50 books (ideally 100 in the spirit of this thread) in 2017.

    However, I'd like to focus my efforts on some of the more quintessential works. I've read a few in either high school or college, but believe re-reading them as an adult will help me more in the long run. That being said, I am afraid my non-English major and limited exposure in high school to extensive reading requirements has not served me well. So, I am opening a new thread to get suggestions from the community for what would be a good foundation of "required reading" (kind of like a college course if you will indulge me )

    Please feel free to add as many 5 of your own titles so I can hopefully get a good cross-section from the diverse group that is AW! If this list surpasses the 100 mark, that's fine, as I will just add to my goals for the following years. No genre is off limits, nor topic or length...thanks in advance, and I can't wait to hear what everyone's ideas are!

    ETA: In order to clarify in light of Brightdreamer's first post (and thank you for taking the plunge in going first btw! ) - and to expand on what I am looking for in the way of suggestions, perhaps "quintessential" was a bit of a misnomer. Classics and canon works are originally what I had in mind when I started thinking about this goal/task for 2017, but to exclude modern tastes and times would be rather silly since my goal is to become more well-read, and to expand both my mind and horizons. If you'll pardon the pun, consider my mind "an open book" when it comes to suggestions.

    My interests lie primarily within the realm of fiction, but that does not mean non-fiction is off the table. I'd asked the same question of my father yesterday, and he said "What do you mean - of book's I've read, or of books in general? Important authors that have had important things to say, or do you want books that have also been just good reading, even though it may not be part of the traditional 'canon'?" So, with that in mind, I would ask that suggestions be posed for reading material based on books you personally have read., regardless of whether they are "canon" quality...

    Quote Originally Posted by Brightdreamer View Post
    By "quintessential", do you mean the classics and "canon" works?...
    It might help to know what area you're looking to read more in, or stuff you just can't stand for whatever reason....
    You're first post is exactly on point with what I am looking for - Title, author, and (optionally) a sentence or two of why you like it - so again, tyvm!
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