I have never been behind in NaNo at this point. One year I did give it up about halfway through because of other obligations, but I have never have this struggle to meet par from day to day past the midway point. There have been times when I've hated my novels, but went on for the win, but those books all made 50K by this week. There have been years where the book looked too long to finish, even after getting to 50K, but I still finished them too (one on December 1 but only by a few minutes because I tried to add an unnecessary chapter).

In 45 minutes, day 23 will be over. I have 36,488 words. I should have 38,333 and am more than a day behind.

Most NaNos, every moment I'm not busy with other things, I am writing. Sometimes I'm writing while busy with other things (writing while eating, for example; plotting while driving; soundtracking while working out; etc.). Now I come home from my job where I'm getting massive amounts of overtime because it's the busy season, and I stare at my screen and can't make myself write. I'm spending a lot of time staring into microscopes at work, so more often than not, I have a headache when I'm done, which makes it hard to stare at a computer screen. I put off other things I need to do (work out, practice for chorus concerts coming up) because I know I need to be at the computer, but once on the computer, I can't concentrate on the book.

I've written dreck for NaNo. This book has it's problems, but it's not as bad as other things I've written. It's just finding the motivation to actually concentrate on the story during the time I actually have to write it.

Anyway, I've been cheerleading my friend to get her to the end of a revision by the end of the month, and so I was looking for a little cheerleading myself. Remind me why it's worth it to finish, to push past the headache, to not just watch some television and then go to bed, knowing that I'll continue sinking under par and will only get 1 day off this holiday weekend to try to catch up. I finished editing another novel just 2 days before NaNo. Remind me why it's worth it to have a second new novel to focus on in the near future, with revisions and querying, when I love the other one more. I just need reasons not to quit right now.