I do not think Stranger is the greatest SF novel, I don't even think it's the greatest Heinlein novel. There are quite a few Heinleins that I love. Yes, he was a product of the culture of his time, and women didn't have much in the way of rights at that time. For the most part, I'm able to forgive that for a writer of that era, while I wouldn't for someone writing today.

I never understood why Stranger was singled out. I prefer The Starbeast, Friday, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, I Shall Fear No Evil, and Job. I also enjoy many of his later books, though they do get rather infested with incest. I adore Time Enough for Love. I suppose I always viewed them differently than some do. I see those books as being written about a futuristic culture that has different morals than I, rather than an advertisement for incest.