I just finished reading this book and all I have to say is ... how mediocre. (spoiler alert; btw)

Maybe it is a generational thing. I know this book came out in the early 1960s and was something of a publishing sensation at the time. But coming from a 26 year old, I just thought the plot was sloppy and sacrificed a creative story for preachy philosophy.

I actually thought the beginning of the book was pretty good and interesting. It set up the man from mars as someone in need of protection from the government, who was trying to get his fortune, and involved the characters taking risks to keep him safe while he learned about the world around him. There was also things about the "future world" that were kind of interesting at first, especially the world government.

But after that, the book stopped making sense for me. There didn't seem to be anything at stake. The characters just kind of joined the man from mars' cult of polygamy and sex without much of a fight which baffled me. Then, towards the very end, the book started to get interesting again with people coming after his cult; but its too late cause the books over.

Maybe I just didn't "grok" the goodness of the book? Anyone else read this?