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Thread: US: Contacting Your Elected Officials

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    Making a Phone Call
    • Many of the suggestions about writing apply to phone calls as well.
    • Keep in mind that if you make a phone call, the call will be logged so that the person answering the phone can pass your message on up the food chain.
    • Time will be short; this isn't typically an opportunity for a conversation; rather it's a brief statement about who you are and why you are calling.
    • Keep to a single issue.
    • Consider writing down what you want to say in a short statement.

    Phone Tip: If you're paralyzed while trying to talk on the phone, write down a brief message to read aloud, then call after 5 pm D.C. time (or where ever you are calling) and leave a message.

    5 Calls: Making Your Voice Heard

    The site is a free site that alerts users to 5 calls that they could make. The calls are tied to urgent issues.

    Users can enter a zipcode or state and city for a targeted list of who to call, how, about what, including a suggested "script."

    The political tilt of the site is liberal | Democrat, but there's nothing to stop you from calling and voicing a dissenting opinion.
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