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Thread: Silver Lining in US Election from a Third-Party Supporter's Point of View

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaeZe View Post
    The fact the news media cared more about ratings than delivering investigative reporting is one the the serious issues that must be addressed, be it teaching people media literacy or addressing the issue in other ways such as labeling news programs infotainment and stop calling them news.

    I used to hit The Guardian's US web page daily, and almost every day there was a photo of That Orange Person prominently on the front page. Yes, some of the coverage was about bad things; but a shallow glance at what was going on almost never pointed out that there was someone else in the race. ​Normalization started way before the election.

    The news media is one of many groups who share responsibility for what's happened. CNN's tepid "maybe we screwed up" is infuriating.

    I'm now putting my money where my mouth is and subscribing to proper news sources. And the fact that I didn't before gives me some culpability, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxinquaye View Post
    If Donald Trump has a published manifesto detailing turning the entire machine of the United States into a machine of conquest war to create breathing space for pure-bred Americans, and where he has a manifesto commitment to physically exterminate disagreeable minorities from existance, then I think the comparison wouldn't be hyperbolic. Trump hasn't.

    Mussolini was a terrible leader. So was Franco and Pinochet and Somoza. All of them killed tens of thousands of people. All of them oppressed minorities, and threw people in jail for political crimes. All of them were authoritarians. They were actual fascists, so the comparison is apt. The equivalence between them and Trump would stick. The problem with Hitler wasn't that people weren't told what he'd do. It was that people thought he'd not do what he said he'd do, and that they could control him.
    I absolutely agree with you that Mussolini is a better comparison to Trump. My previous post was more about the general concept of normalizing vs. not normalizing Hitler. He was appalling, but not so uniquely appalling that nobody can ever match up to him.

    In Hitler we saw a perfect storm of vicious ideology paired with political power. Sadly, it's the power that made him unique, not the ideology. There are thousands of people just like him. Without the power to put his ideas into action, he would have spent his life as just one more unpleasant person sitting at home and stewing in his own hatred.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Celia Cyanide View Post
    ... If you voted third party in this election, you voted for the lesser of three evils in my eyes. ....

    It's not like there was a valid third party candidate. Stein wasn't qualified and as was said more than once, if you want a third party, you have to grow it. You don't start with a POTUS candidate. The Green Party has failed to grow.

    And the Libertarian Party, as much as some people profess a belief in Libertarian philosophy, is a joke. At least if their convention with one man stripping naked and dancing on stage represents them. Johnson also did not come across as competent despite having been a governor.

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    This thread is rehashing the past.

    The past is not changeable.

    What are you doing today? Tomorrow?

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