First time NaNo-er, here. As I approach the halfway mark (I am a little behind...) I am slowly realizing that I am going to run out of plot way before I run out of month.

As it turns out, writing at speed means that I write lean--I already know that I'm missing a ton of description. And probably some exposition. That, plus the fact that I really don't know how to plot a novel, means I'm looking at a "novel" that probably won't clear 30k by the time I've hit the planned end.

What do?

Add a subplot? A second POV? (I have a vague idea of how this could work)

Keep writing about what happens "after" the ending? (I also have a vague idea of what this could be, but it needs lots of thinking)

Go back and add paragraphs of description and infodumping in an effort to bump my word count?

Help me AW, you're my only hope