This might be found as random, but I can't seem to write an original screenplay. I know the format of screenplay writing, but all I can write are adaptations. So far, I have three possibly four TV series projects, but sadly none of them will ever see the light of day and I find that to very sad. The projects are a TV show about Nightwing with the possibility to spin-off to a reboot TV series of Birds of Prey (2002 series was dismal). The second show idea is a TV adaption of Rick Riordon's Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The movies were okay, but strayed too much from the source material. My last project is a loosely American Remake of a Kiwi show called The Almighty Johnsons. The reason I say "loosely" is because while the concept is the same, the genders, mythology and ages of the original characters are different. My reasoning for this thread is because people who do adaptations are writers too, and with comics, novels and TV shows from other countries, there will always be a need for writers who can do this kind of projects. I sadly don't have the money to purchase the rights to any of these endeavors, but I don't want the ideas to die.