Anyone? Day 2, and I'm enjoying these already.

Look higher. Loop
Or stop with the acrobatics and just look up.

a black block
Ok, except where that was supposed to be a blotch.

So much as a great thick stalk can write,
flailing to write herself
At least nobody's writing in agony (yet).

The sort of thing I as a green figh might have done.
1) Yes, she did mean fish, not fruit, and 2) no, this is not Dr. Seuss.

but still it stabled like a betrayal
Never trust a horse.

two quick steps plunged me down into the insulting dark.
I didn't know the ocean could be so rude.

Not even the aether shows such shifting drak.
Either I've just discovered a new magical beastie, or the night sky is cutting ties with that insulting ocean.

like fairly-land
It's kinda magical, somewhat weird things happen.

He checkled
He what now?