It's not NaNo without the best thread of all! Share you favorite lines from the day.

I'm still finding the voice of my characters, but so far, I'm fond of this exchange:

“Mm, mm, those clothes didn’t show half of him, didn’t they? Get me a piece of that, if he weren’t crazy,” Tishauna said. I whirled on her.

“You want to talk about someone else being crazy? Let’s talk about you carrying an illegal taser! What were you thinking?”

She pulled it out of her purse, and I snatched it out of her hand.

“I was thinking I’m a little black girl in a big damn city, boss. Ain’t going to apologize for wanting to defend myself.”
“Then take Tae Kwon Do or something!”
“Tae Kwon Do don’t make big guys drop like stiff boards. It’s funny.”