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Whew! I finished with just over the 50 k. The book isn't finished though, but my goal is to do that this month. Then edit January.

Sorry I wasn't very active on forums here- I barely got the words I did because I've been in the hospital since mid November, so I haven't been on the web much, but it also helped force me to focus on something else, and I could do so with writing (and prayers).

But I think writing is a positive way to get wrapped up in other situations than just looking at my own, so a perfect thing for Nano. So whew I did it!

Missed validation so I'm on the list for them to add mine and validate me, so I'll see my certificate and all a bit later.but whew that's ok it's done!

You all are amazing at your word counts and words per day. Wow!
It seems like you're in the hospital constantly. And yet you're always so upbeat and encouraging. You're an inspiration.