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Thread: Deep Desires Press

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    Deep Desires Press

    New erotica, erotic romance publisher opening in January 2017. They accept any genre, any pairing (M/F, M/M, menage, etc.)

    From their about page:

    "The founders of Deep Desires Press have experience working with small publishers, both as authors and editors, as well as extensive self-publishing experience, giving us insight and experience that we feel many publishers lack. For example, to reduce financial overhead, we have employed a profit-sharing model (as detailed in our FAQs), and we know the importance of a modern author’s desire and need to have a hybrid platform that includes self-publishing and/or multiple publishers, thus our contracts do not contain restrictive clauses like the right of first refusal."

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    Only principal named is the alleged "bestselling" erotica author. No advances. A whole paragraph on how the author shoulders promotion. Editors and cover artists are paid in royalties only, which essentially means the only capital outlay required to launch this press was for a domain name and website host through Enom and a pre-made Wordpress theme (all told, probably less than $100). FAQ takes great pains to explain why this is a good thing.

    Nothing new to see here.

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    Ugh. I'm really tired of the whole "writers will have to do all the promoting" thing. If that's the case, I might as well self-publish. Cuz I can get my own editor, hire a cover designer... What does the publisher offer me if they won't promote me? It's not even as if they have a good name in the industry (yet, if ever). Have learned this the hard way--if the publisher isn't at least known within certain circles and doesn't have an established readership, and if it's also not going to promote me and my work, it's useless to me. Good day, sir!


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