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Thread: Game: Your MC's Voice (NaNo 2016 version)

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    Game: Your MC's Voice (NaNo 2016 version)

    How to play the voice game: The first post will ask a question (in my character's voice, which I will now create ). The next author will answer that question in their character's voice, and then ask a new question, also in that character's voice. And it will go on.

    I suggest putting the character's name at the beginning of your answer, just in case you play with multiple characters and the others playing are really following along.

    If multiple people post before you do, don't stress about it. If you have a choice in questions that haven't been answered thanks to cross-posting, pick your favorite or answer a bunch.

    Don't be afraid to have expansive answers to really get in your character's head and develop their motivations and emotions and even their storyline. It's okay if you don't have their voice down yet. The game's all about developing your character.


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