Well, at this point this is a welcome distraction from staring aimlessly at my screen.

NaNo 2016 - The Unusual Suspects
When his wife is arrested for the murder of a superhero, Martin Monroe's job in corporate-hero public relations goes up in flames. Made up of a tenuous balance "normal" humans and superpowered Unusuals, the city of Aquapolis reels from the breach of unspoken ethics among heroes. As the body count begins to climb, Martin does his best to keep his head down. But his wife left behind more than her independant bakery when she was taken in - and the Unusuals who looked to her for protection turn instead to Martin.

Faced with fighting the system he helped to build or watching his wife's dream wither on the vine, Martin decides to show the world how much of the hero business is just good press. With help from his second-string hero co-workers and his wife's vigilante friends, Martin sets out to destroy the industry that's turning everyday people into action movie props.

But a new breed of villain is on the horizon, armed with more than bad quotes and collateral damage. If Martin and his team are ever going to stop the island's systemic, growing violence, they'll need the firepower of the very system he's out to destroy.