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Thread: Owl Hollow Press

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    Owl Hollow Press

    Does anyone have any familiarity with Owl Hollow Press? I've seen them on Twitter, but I haven't been able to find out much about them aside from their website:

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    I'm not familiar with them, but here's my .02 after checking out their site:

    They only have one book out, an anthology released just this month, and a novel due out next year.

    Their page states that they publish "genre fiction, contemporaries, and nonfiction." That's a lot of ground to cover. Most companies seem to do better when they start out focusing on one or two genres.

    The staff seem well-meaning and enthusiastic, but their bios don't explicitly state any experience in publishing.

    Give this one two years and see how they're doing.

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    I like that they use Twitter to update when they've read past a given date in the submissions they've received (I take it they read chronologically). That's a smart strategy and saves both writers and publisher a lot of time in follow-up emails.

    I notice their staff focus almost exclusively on editing. They're all fairly young, which is great, but I don't see anyone there with much in the way of sales or book marketing experience at all. If considering an offer from them, those would be among the first questions I'd ask and I wouldn't stop asking until I got a satisfactory answer. Degrees in editing are great, but understanding how books move through the trade will make a much bigger difference for the author.


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