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Thread: Anger Management

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    Anger Management

    Welcome to Anger Management.

    Please use a Sharpie to write your name on a name tag so I can remember you. Help yourself to some coffee and donuts, then have a seat. We'll go around in a circle so everyone can introduce themselves, and then we'll practice breathing exercises and meditation. And when that doesn't work, we will complain here.


    1. This is NOT the place to complain about anything or anyone AW related. Take those issues up with the mods.

    2. This is NOT the place to post your serious personal challenges that need to be handled with kid gloves. Please take those issues to the Conquering Challenges area of The Break Room.

    3. This IS the place to complain about bad drivers, your job, how you stepped on a Lego, or things of this nature. Use this as alternative to kicking your pet.

    4. Be respectful. Don't judge. AND NO POLITICS. Go to P&CE for that.

    Mmkay? Please fold your chair and stack it against the wall when you leave. Now, ready...set...VENT!
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    I don't know that anyone could fill Lil's stilettos in her absence. She's very special and unique.
    Lil is just full of of sweetness and love, with a side of raunchy innuendo. That never hurt anyone! - Jaymz

    Tell that to the guy(s) manacled in her basement...
    - be frank

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